Christopher Moore

"Coyote Blue"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark MAY 30, 1999)

This book is so much fun, I couldn't help but read it again! I'm updating my original comments because I now realize that the original blurb, although accurate, was so brief that it would seem like I hadn't even read the book! I was trying to not give anything away, but now I think I should give you a little more (I know, silly pun...).

Sam Hunter is a successful yuppie living in Santa Barbara. He sells life insurance policies and his talent is to reflect back the personality of each person he pitches to, making them feel very comfortable with him. Unconsciously, this is his way of hiding his past; by not really being anyone, especially a Crow Indian wanted for murder.

But alas, his Crow past has come to confront and change him. As the book opens, an Indian is sprinkling a little magic powder outside his office. Lo and behold, Sam walks out and falls smack in love with Calliope, blows his next sales pitch and finds a "dog" causing a ruckus at his condo which gets him thrown out. His life is turning into a financial disaster and it's all due to Sam's spiritual helper, none other than Coyote Blue a.k.a. "the trickster." Alas, it becomes clear that Sam's own misguided approach to life may have a lot to do with the bad luck of having Coyote Blue as his spiritual helper.

This book has the voice of writers such as Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins. The tale here, although bizarre, is fairly convincing while you're experiencing it and hangs together as a solid story. One of the best parts of the book are the Coyote myths. I have no idea if they have any basis in real Indian lore, but if not, they should! 

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Christopher Moore Christopher Moore grew up in Mansfield Ohio and went to Ohio State for awhile studying Anthropology. He moved to California and studied photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and took a bunch of extension courses in writing. He has held many jobs including journalist, radio deejay, waiter and insurance broker. When he turned 30 and realized that he wasn't famous, he decided to write a book. His first book was published when he was 32 and was very successful so he wrote more. He lives in Cambria, California. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014