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Shop Amazon, support MostlyFiction

Although, I started this Web site with the intention of encouraging people to seek out good books in used bookstores or libraries, I quickly realized three things:

  • Not everyone has time to go on a book search.

  • We need to support our favorite authors by buying new books.
  • And finally, if we don't occasionally buy new books, used bookstores will end up selling dust!

So at the suggestion of the first few viewers of my Web pages, I started to sell books in association with

To purchase a book, click on the title as listed in the Bibliography or the book cover. This will bring you directly to (in which case you click on the shopping cart image).  All pages (hopefully) open in a separate window, which allows you to continue browsing either or 

To purchase the book, click "Add to Shopping Cart" button. If you are ready to purchase the book, click "Proceed to Checkout." If you are not ready to buy your book(s), then use your browser back button, click on any other book or close the browser window. Your book order will stay in the shopping cart even after you close the window. To see what is in your shopping cart, click on "View Cart" at the top of the page. For more information visit's Guided Tour on how to order books.

You'll find that most links at are to paperbacks, especially trade paperbacks, if one is available. First, hardcover books go out of print faster. And second, if you read books fast it isn't always worth the extra money for the hardcover. conveniently has links to the hardcover book if it is the format you prefer. As of November 2001, to ship in the US by Standard Shipping (3 to 7 days) will cost $3.00 per shipment and then another $.99 per book. (Thus $3.99 for first book, .99 for each additional book.) This means that unless you buy a hardcover, that even with's generous discounts, it's difficult to recover the shipping fees. Whenever I order on-line, I tend to order several books so that I incur the $3.00 shipping fee the one time. Go here for latest information on shipping rates.

Occasionally sends coupons by e-mail to those customers who sign up for Delivers or Eyes. Any gift certificate can be used when purchasing books that originate from


About other Associate Programs:

In an attempt to offer wider shopping options and perhaps to bring in a little more money through associate fees, I have been experimenting with different affiliate options. I recently flushed a bunch that I was trying out that offered a variety of products and am now just focusing just on two other bookstores, besides

Powell' is an interesting store, one which I'd love to visit in person. They are located in Portland, Oregon and stock their shelves by mixing the new and used together, that way you can decide which copy to purchase. They offer free shipping on orders over $50. So, when I went to try them out, I ordered $50 worth of books, a mix of new, used and sale items. When they arrived, I honestly had to check to see which ones were the used books in the box since they were in such good condition. The only caveat with this affiliate program is that they don't hold books in the shopping cart for very long. So I highly recommend that you go through and complete your purchase when you start it -- or when you go back you'll find you have an empty shopping cart and dang if you'll remember what you had in there! (I went through this three times before realizing what was going on!) Also, I was just at the $50 mark when I ordered, and one books wasn't available for shipping, which put me below the limit, but they still didn't charge for shipping. is my other new favorite store. This one does not offer free shipping, but offers some outrageously low price for their books. My first visit there I ordered 17 novels and paid $44 dollars, including shipping. The trick with them is to shop frequently because their books are only stocked temporarily.

My other favorite affiliate is with If you look at the left column of nearly every page on this site, you'll see a specially selected Art Print that I feel somehow reflects the mood of the author or novel. Or in some cases, it's by an artist that's from the same country as the writer. I link to more out of pleasure than profit since it seems that not many visitors purchase prints. If the hesitancy is wondering about the quality, my aunt bought several prints from them and the framing and shipment were very satisfactory.

No matter your choice, THANK YOU for purchasing through! Earned revenue pays for the costs associated with maintaining the site on a faster and more reliable server and for purchasing the software and hardware used in creating and maintaining this site as well as for the occasional foray into bookstores. Now what would be really nice is to have this site support me so that I could do more with it and not get a real job...