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Record of Modifications for year 2000: 

12-30-00 All week I've been working on the newest design of this site. This time I'm finally using templates, so it's taking longer to move to the new design initially, but in the future, changes will occur more easily. I'm also reviewing content and am embarrassed to see how many grammatical errors I've made. Sorry if I've offended anyone. Have also renovated index.html and index_page2.html with new logo and content. Next book review will be posted on New Year's Day.
12-19-00 Added a review of Iced by Jenny Siler.
12-16-00 Posted new design of Latin American pages.
12-10-00 Spent the weekend between family visits redesigning the Favorite Sleuths bookshelf.
12-5- 00 Redesigned the home page. Will follow with more in this style in the next few days.
12-3-00 Started to redesign the site again. See True Adventure or Contemporary Literature for new look. Comments?
11-28-00 Added a review of The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk by Jennifer Niven
11-27-00 Fixed broken hyperlinks in about 100 pages.
11-23-00 Added a Message Board so that anyone can express ideas about a book or author, post requests for information, ask help for homework or recommend novels.
11-19-00 Added a review of The Journey Home by Olaf Olafsson. Also, changed background on Contemporary Literature from yellow to white.
11-13-00 Seems that had a major melt down over the weekend (or at least I did). Decided to switch to a new host server. When you see the Holiday decorations, you'll know that you are at the new (and seemingly faster) host!
11-06-00 Added a review of Dead Man Falls by Paula Boyd
10-29-00 Added a review of An Uncertain Currency by Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr and Frances Witlin
10-23-00 Added an excerpt from Tom Wolfe's Hooking Up
10-21-00 Added a review of Before I Say Goodbye by Ruth Picardie
10-14-00 Finally, completed site renovation to improve loading time. Back to book reviews this coming week!
10-01-00 Changed look of home page and improved loading time. Changed look of home page and improved loading time. Added a review of Joey Pigza Loses Control by Jack Gantos. Updated Print File for Humorous Books.
9-20-00 Added a review of High Gate Health and Beauty by Joseph Colicchio
9-12-00 Toned down the blue on the SciFi pages and updated upcoming books section on index.
9-8-00 Added a review of ¡Yo! by Julia Alvarez
9-7-00 Added reviews of Beloved and Tar Baby by Toni Morrison
8-27-00 Cosmetic changes. Changed label for Humorous bookshelf to "Laugh Out Loud."Also changed Family bookshelf to a white background. Touched up a few pages here and there.
8-22-00 Added a review of Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned by Walter Mosley.
8-13-00 Added a review of Kill Me Tender by Daniel Klein. During the past couple weeks have been reviewing and cleaning up older pages - especially in the Latin American section. Have also started to add Google as a search engine to the Web.
7-30-00 Added a review of What's Wrong with Dorfman? by John Blumenthal
7-17-00 Added a review of The Judas Judge by Michael McGarrity
7-9-00 Added a review of Second Hand by Michael Zadoorian
7-2-00 Added a review of Middle of Nowhere by Ridley Pearson
6-26-00 Added a review of Dreams of the Centaur by Montserrat Fontes.
6-11-00 Added a review of Flashpoint by Linda Barnes and Mind Play by Phillip Tomasso III. Also added a page 2 to the home page so that the home page opens faster. Only have one bookshelf left (humorous) to javascript - hope to do that one this week.
6-6-00 Added a review of Becoming Madame Mao by Anchee Min. Also have been updating links, converting more links to javascript, and adding in "amazon reader rating: "
5-21-00 Added a review of Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult and Acts of the Apostles by John Sundman. Also in the past few days finished converting to new design, although may still tweak some bookshelves.
5-13-00 Update home page with latest book news. Redesigned Humorous, Family Relations, True Adventure and Espionage/Thriller pages. Just The Wild West and Contemporary left, but will probably redo Science Fiction and Latin.
5-7-00 Added a review of Unhealthy Boundaries: A Story of Murder and the Internet by Robert Tolins. Uploaded new Favorite Sleuths and Mystery pages with new design.
5-6-00 Removing backgrounds from site so the pages read easier. As of today, Latin American and Science Fiction are complete.
5-1-00 Spring Fever - redecorating site. Hope to have site completely renovated by one year MostlyFiction anniversary.
4-26-00 Added a review of Traveling Light by Katrina Kittle.
4-22-00 Added a review of The Last Days Murder List by Alice Holman.
4-15-00 All pages have been updated with new non-graphic navigation bar. This should load pages faster. Also fixed the problem with roll overs at bottom of each page not working for "next page", "prev page" and "top of page".
4-9-00 Added "bread crumb" navigation to each page. Started to add new navigation bar to site, removing old gif images.
4-6-00 Added a review of The First Eagle by Tony Hillerman
4-3-00 Added Harry Potter Store and Dummies Store to some pages of web site. Updated Index page.
3-30-00 Added a review of In Her Defense by Stephen Horn.
03-26-00 Added a review of The 1898 Base-Ball Fe-As-Ko and The Four Arrows Fe-As-Ko by Randall Beth Platt. Started to use javascript to open all links to in the same browser window. This project will take awhile.
03-15-00 Added a review of In America by Susan Sontag.
03-03-00 Updated the home page with latest book news. News is based on new books by writers that I've read and reviewed in
02-27-00 Added a review of Afterburn by Colin Harrison
02-08-00 Added a review of Knick Knack Paddy Whack by Ardal O'Hanlon.
01-30-00 Added a review of The Royalscope Fe-As-Ko by Randall Beth Platt and a review of Tropical Depression by Laurence Shames. Guess I needed some humor to get me through these cold, cold days. Also, in process of changing the images for the "previous book" and "next book" at the bottom of each page.
01-23-00 Add a review of Bandit Invincible Butch Cassidy by Suzanne Lyon.
01-16-00 Updated the home page with latest news. Have now completed putting 3-D book images on the following bookshelves: Latin American, Wild West, Really Humorous, Spy/Thriller, Family Relations and True Adventure.
01-15-00 Updated the home page with latest news. Have now completed putting 3-D book images on the following bookshelves: Favorite Sleuths, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction and Contemporary.
01-10-00 Updated home page with latest news and 3-D images. Corrected links on Short List. Started to add 3D images to Contemporary bookshelf.
01-05-00 Happy New Year! Added a review of The House of Gentle Men by Kathy Hepinstall. Also changed the image of the Great Gift Ideas to lose the holiday theme.
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