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Record of Modifications for year 2001: 

12-27-01 Added a review of Mobtown by Jack Kelly; added five new chapter excerpts; changed the colors/workding of the raffles logo; removed dud affialiates and added Barnes & Nobleas new affialiate program; updated some information on home page.
12-18-01 Finally learned how to put a form on my Web site. Duh! Anyhow, the book raffles are much easier to enter now!
12-17-01 Added a review of Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi. Started new series of raffles.
12-16-01 Added a review of The Jazz Bird by Craig Holden
12-13-01 Added a review of The Viking Funeral by Stephen J. Cannell
12-08-01 Changed home page colors and spent yesterday cleaning up and getting rid of affiliate links that are making pages look messy and getting no clicks.
12-06-01 Added seven new chapter excerpts .
12-05-01 Added Top Picks for 2001; Added an animated GIF image for raffle.
12-01-01 Added a review of The Giuliana Legacy by Alexis Masters and The Last Man Standing by David Baldacci. Start new RAFFLE.
11-27-01 Added more entries to the home page for new fiction coming in 2002.
11-26-01 Added more excerpts: Anything for Billy, Bear v. Shark, Dancing with the Virgins, City of Dreams and The Viking Funeral (in .pdf). Also fixed 404 links. Started to update the "Like these..." section on each page.
11-24-01 Added a review of The Pinkerton Eye by Allen P. Bristow
11-19-01 Added excerpt for David Baldacci's Last Man Standing and Walter Mosley's Futureland. Also edited Not yet Published list.
11-18-01 Started new raffle to win a copy of McCullers Complete Novels
11-17-01 Revamped the new Read Excerpts section so that all excerpts appear in its own color (Black/Gray) and linked each page to the next with a Read Next at top and bottom of the page. Also, moved all pages in this section to a template.

Futureland by Walter Mosley and Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland reviews added.

11-10-01 Read a lot today and stayed away from my computer as much as possible. However, did update the Home page with new "Pulled from Bookshelf" choice and added an Independen Book Press choice.
11-9-01 Went through all of the Favorite Sleuths pages and updated them with latest books, links and whatever else they needed. A long day!
11-07-01 Added information on Submission Guidelines, covering books for review and writing reviews for Changed "bread crumbs" at tops and bottoms of each index-style page.
11-06-01 The last four days wasn't enough, now I've gone and redesigned the home page!
11-05-01 I've been working straight for four days. I added a page to list book excerpts, standardized excerpts throughout site, and created "bread crumbs" to help find the way to the excerpts page. I also created images for book awards and inserted those next to appropriate listing in bibliographies. And I updated some of the older pages, replaced home page logo with "bar" on non-home pages. Hopefully have caught all bugs introduced with these changes!
11-01-01 Added a review of The Good German by Joseph Kanon
10-21-01 Added a review of Bad Chili by Joe R. Lansdale.
10-19-01 Added a review of Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn and started a new raffle!
10-07-01 Added a review of The Keeper by George C. Chesbro.
9-23-01 Added two reviews: The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen and Hickok and Cody by Matt Braun. Also rearranged the Laugh Out Loud bookshelf.
9-21-01 Started a new contest to win an autographed copy of The Absence of Nectar.
9-11-01 Many, many people died today while beginning a very ordinary day.
9-3-01 Added a review of The Absence of Nectar by Kathy Hepinstall
8-23-01 Added a review of Envy by Sandra Brown
8-21-01 Added an excerpt from The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen
8-12-01 Changed look of Web site - tighten it up and made room for some affiliate programs.
08-09-01 Started a new contest AND changed the logo/index colors.
08-05-01 Added a review of Mourning Glory by Warren Adler
7-29-01 Added a review of Under the Color of Law by Michael McGarrity
7-20-01 Added a review of Dervish is Digital by Pat Cadigan.
7-12-01 Removed the list of Used Books for Sale! Instead, added link to Win a Book Contest.
7-7-01 Added a review of Parallel Lies by Ridley Pearson.
6-24-01 Added a review of Misfortune by Nancy Geary. Added a contest to win one of 5 copies of Misfortune.
6-17-01 Added a review of Two Truths and a Lie by Katrina Kittle
6-10-01 Added a review of Fearless Jones by Walter Mosley
6-2-01 Added more books for sale (closed!)
5-28-01 Added a review of Fixer Chao by Han Ong
5-20-01 Added a list of used books for sale through (closed!)
5-11-01 Added a review of A Deadly Exchange - Sheryl Jane Stafford Silent Extras by Arnon Grunber the Black Madonna by Louisa Ermelino
5-6-01 Added a review of The Popejoys of Pistolburg by C. Mike Reid
4-20-01 Added a review of Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
4-14-01 Added two affiliates: Alibis for used books and for art prints.
4-8-01 Added a review of Silent Joe by T. Jefferson Parker
3-19-01 Added a revie of Silent Extras by Arnon Grunberg
3-11-01 Added a review of The Black Madonna by Louisa Ermelino
3-6-01 Added a review of The Weight of All Things by Sandra Benítez
2-25-01 Added a review of The Years With Laura Díaz by Carlos Fuentes
2-24-01 I'm so sick of winter, that I decided to go ahead with some spring decorations!
2-18-01 Join the Newsletter mailing list ! Finally added this feature to the site!
2-17-01 Added a review of Flight by Jan Burke
2-16-01 Added a review of Darwin's Blade by Dan Simmons
2-04-01 Added a review of Hearse of a Different Color by Tim Cockey

Actually made a lot of subtle changes. Besides fixing the normal embarrassing typos and grammatical errors, I changed links to so that the user is brought directly to the book page, rather than an interim page that references "similar" books, as has recently decided to do to "help increase sales" for us associates. Since this is the way it has always used to work, I doubt anyone but me will notice that change! Though I won't complain about a reference sell, I still use the links back to to provide more information about what others think about the book I'm recommending.

I also changed the home page to include some good "love stories" in honor of St. Valentines day. I have

01-25-01 Updated the home page with information on John Sayles' novel.
01-21-01 Added a review of A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler. I believe I have completed the re-design of this site - nearly two months later!
01-01 Still redesigning Web site to the new look. Again I mentioned in the 12-30-00 entry, this is taking time since I'm converting to templates AND correcting any grammatical, spelling or otherwise embarrassing mistakes made in previous years. Also updating links on some pages.
01-01-01 Added a review of Dead of Winter by P.J. Parrish
  Click here for Complete Record of Modifications in 2000